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( so let me understand this correctly: you have an issue with the age of consent being 15.but you don´t have an issue with going to clubs for the purpose of finding young ladies to shag?We all know about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, and whilst they’re obviously well worth a visit, Prague is full of quirky sights and interesting activities to give you something to really remember.Many of these are even free, So, pick up your backpack and get out and see what Prague really has to offer: This street in Prague’s Mala Strana district is so narrow that it needs traffic lights to control the flow of pedestrians passing through it so that they can all fit, although we’re not sure what the punishment is for running a red light where is it that all these young hotties hang out.?I'm on the lookout you see since i discovered that Screwfix was a hardware store not a dating site. I reckon they should be concentrating on their school work at that age and focusing on matters like a career;).However even before the code became effective, the parliament returned it back to 15 due to right wing conservative propaganda.

It's an issue for me since I was shocked to learn that some clubs in Prague that I like going to actually allow 16 year olds in, which is ridiculous. lang=en) I'm in my late 20s and where I come from I'm assured knowing that girls in the clubs have to be over 21 or at least over 18, but girls at these clubs here could potentially be minors?You heard right – this is a museum dedicated to sex machines dating as far back as the 16th century. I'm somewhat horrified to learn that the age of consent for sex in the Czech Republic is only 15.just out of curiosity, i tried looking for stats on sexual activity of teenagers in the us and the cr - didnt delve into too much detail - found stats on the us prepared by the national campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy - according to their figures: in 2007, approx. teens to use contraceptives generally and to use the most effective methods; they therefore have substantially lower pregnancy rates. I don't understand what Qi Gong is but perhaps the courses are a solution to the first problem: https://30% of all grade nine females had had sex (this is ages 14-15) - the figure is over 40% for grade 10 (ages 15-16) the czech study i found says that in 2008,, over 1/2 of first secual relations was at the age of 17.3 according to another american study: Teens in the United States and Europe have similar levels of sexual activity. p=1099711#post1099711 "Classes are now being held 3 times a week.

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I'm personally not cool with having sex with any girl under 18 even if it is legal here, so if I'm going to sleep with a girl I've met in a club should I be asking for ID?