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Sex chats i can join on my 3ds

Paid content, like digital copies of games, and retro Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games from the Virtual Console section, can be purchased by either by inputting your credit card details, or buying a voucher from a shop, which can then be redeemed on the console.By setting this setting to restrict, you can prevent this 3DS from being able to add funds to your wallet via credit card, or spend funds without you first entering your parental controls PIN number.Before you get to choose your question and answer, a screen will pop up offering some sage advice, warning it's important to not pick a question your child might know the answer to.The problem is, a lot of these questions are things your child may well know, such as your favourite film, or your favourite sports team, but there are a few trickier ones, such as what your first pet's name was, and what your favourite birthday present was.To help you make your decision, the PEGI ratings give you a detailed description of what would sort of content would class as that particular rating below them, while the PG and U BBFC ratings do the same thing.For more on PEGI ratings and their ins and outs, check out our guide in PEGI Age Ratings: Video game ratings explained.After choosing your answer, you'll be given the option to confirm it's definitely right - evidence again of how seriously Nintendo take these things.

With the PIN and security questions now set up, we can move on to actually limiting access to certain parts of the console!

It's worth remembering that PEGI is only a rough guide to a game's content, and can sometimes be either a bit harsh, or a bit too gentle on a game's rating, so setting this rating doesn't entirely replace parental oversight.

If your child goes to launch a game with a higher age rating than they're allowed access to, the system will prompt for the parental controls PIN, letting you optionally choose to allow your child to play certain games, if you deem them suitable.

Press pressing "Next" in the bottom right corner, and you'll be presented with a pop-up window, warning that the PIN (which you're about to set) is essential, as if you forget it, you won't be able to access your parental controls again - so be sure to make a mental note.

Press OK, and you'll get the chance to enter a four digit PIN.

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Then, on the System Settings screen (as seen above), touch the Parental Controls icon, and you'll be greeted with a screen explaining that you can control "access to software with unsuitable age ratings, purchasing from Nintendo e Shop, internet browsing, etc".

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